Inventory Management

Ramco provides management of tubular maintenance programmes, inventories and logistics.

Ramco provides management of tubulars, tubular maintenance programmes, inventories and logistics. Ramco’s team of highly trained professionals use its bespoke ROMS electronic stock management systems to ensure all tubular goods can be tracked while being stored in its high-capacity facilities.


Once a client indicates the tubular goods are required, a team of materials controllers identify all pipes, making them ready to run through innovative preparation techniques.

Ramco’s delivery service also enables its clients to rest assured that all tubular goods are transported to and from the quay side or rig site. Project managers are on hand to procure any associated services required by clients ensuring all projects are organised and run smoothly.

PCU Inspection Cleaning Pipecare

Inventory and Pipeyard Management

At the core of its service offering is inventory and pipe yard management systems and procedures. Having managed pipe yards for over 40 years’ and worked for both operators and manufacturers, Ramco’s systems are among the most robust in the industry, ensuring all the OCTG products are managed, controlled and utilised in a timely manner.

Alongside pipe yard management, Ramco provides a full suite of accessory management – ordering, QA/QC, delivery of pups, crossovers, shoes, collars etc. – delivering a complete casing set or tubing string to rig site.

TTM Final Inventory Management

Final Inventory Management

As with all drilling activities, there comes a time when surplus inventory exists either due to campaign end, change of well design or scrappage.

Ramco offers a full service of final disposal, including the identification and notification of surplus inventory. This can include offering material for sale through its wide network of industry contacts and operators, disposal through an approved scrap operator or other means as may be deemed appropriate.

TTM Logistics Services

Mill Site and Logistics Services

Ramco offers a full service of QA/QC, third-party monitoring and order management once tubulars have been ordered from the mill. This ensures correct order delivery, product quality and reduces potential reject rate after delivery.

Once an order is completed by the mill, Ramco monitor and report on all logistic movements, ensuring correct handling, storage and loading procedures reducing the risk of damage during transit. Ramco will be present during unloading and transport to the pipe yard, ensuring correct handling at all touchpoints.


Adoption of the latest technology and best working practices ensures that Ramco’s clients OCTG is always well maintained and in prime condition and through their bespoke ROMs system, Ramco can provide full inventory tracking for material under their control.

Clients benefit from full electronic reporting systems which allow them access to view and query stock position at any time without the need to speak to Ramco or visit their pipe yard, saving them both time and effort while proving peace of mind.

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