Pipe Inspection

Ramco has been providing quality pipe inspection services since 2008.

Ensuring that pipe is maintained to the best standard and, when required, delivered to site fit for use is a core service of any OCTG offering and Ramco offers a complete inspection service, including visual and mechanical inspections, NDT inspections and various other as required by our clients.

PCU Inspection Cleaning Pipecare


OCTG and oilfield tubulars are vulnerable to forms of corrosion or damage. Identifying signs of corrosion, traceability issues or other issues before they become a more serious problem ensures smooth operation and reduces financial risks.

Ramco has been providing quality inspection services to the OCTG industry since 2008. With an ongoing commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring safety and reliability and offering a cost-effective solution, Ramco’s inspection services include: Visual Thread Inspection (VTI), Electro Magnetic Inspection (EMI), drill pipe inspection, pipe body inspection, OD checks and measurements, ID checks and measurement, wall thickness checks and other NDT inspection on all major connection types and material grades.

Ramco’s highly qualified inspectors are continuously trained in API and proprietary connections, and directly by OCTG manufacturers to meet the highest standards offshore and onshore.


Well carried out pipe inspection ensures OCTG is kept in prime condition and does not incur needless expense if allowed to weather or corrode.

Inspection by qualified personnel ensures that OCTG is kept and delivered in an as new condition, free of any flaws, defects or corrosion that may cause failures when used.

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