Total Tubular Management™

Providing Pipe Care Excellence™

Ramco offers an independent Total Tubular Management™ service.

Combining years of expertise with its knowledge and working practices, Ramco offers an independent Total Tubular Management™ service, designed to provide the OCTG industry with state-of-the-art pipe care excellence™ that we can flex in line with our customers’ requirements. With a commitment to safety and quality, Ramco utilises its existing infrastructure or cutting edge PCU® technology, to deliver its service wherever the client requires.

Ramco can ensure OCTG is managed from the manufacturer to well, by combining its services and those of selected partners to ensure any tubulars are delivered to the well site as required and fit for the intended use – removing the need for clients to have costly overheads associated with the storage, management and preparation of tubulars.

Total Tubular Management™

TTM Mill Site Services

Mill Site Services

Ramco offers a 3rd party surveillance service at OCTG manufacturing facilities, ensuring full compliance with the clients required QA/QC and order specifics, including checking and issuing required reports prior to release and shipping.

TTM Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Ramco can monitor and report on all pipe movements, which is often a safety-critical element of managing OCTG and one where damage and injury routinely occur. Ramco work with chosen freight companies to ensure safe, reliable and efficient measures are in place to minimise risks to personnel and material.


Inventory and Pipe Yard Management

As a core element of its service offering, Ramco manages both its own and 3rd party pipe yards, providing the necessary equipment, personnel and processes to guarantee an efficient pipe yard operation. Ramco's ongoing commitment to HSE ensures its yards are among the safest in the world, adopting and developing the latest technology to ensure minimal human contact with OCTG and reducing its environmental impact.

TTM Rig Ready Preparations

Rig Ready Preparation

Ramco developed a solution whereby pipe is prepared onshore with running compounds, tally lists and drifts, including full inspection and cleaning, prior to being shipped offshore, saving the operator time and money as well as removing a safety-critical element from the rig floor. Ramco also provides the same service for Rig Returns, before placing back into inventory.

TTM Final Inventory Management

Final Inventory Management

Ramco’s service does not end here. Ramco can also provide clients with a final disposal service for used, old or pipe that is no longer needed. This can include resale, scrap or re-use depending on the client requirements. Ramco can also offer a full refurbishment service as required.

Global accessibility and traceability 

With a global infrastructure, Ramco is perfectly positioned to provide Total Tubular Management™ services without limitation.  

Leaders in tubular management, Ramco guarantees:  

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