Can the ‘voice of the customer’ drive transformational change?
PCU Ramco

It is generally understood that change can be good thing and challenging the status quo can drive improvement. However, it is equally important for us that any improvements we make are directly relevant to our customer needs. At RAMCO we take customer feedback seriously, continually looking at how we can encourage our customers to talk to us about our services and how we can improve. In line with this commitment, we recently rolled out our ‘Voice of the Customer’ campaign across our Norwegian customer base.  This involved focus groups with major operators and OEM’s, hosted by our client teams, to help us understand the meaning of value from our customer’s perspective.  We are now using the feedback gained to further align our goals and aspirations with our clients. Given the positive outcomes we have seen, we are excited that we will soon be rolling this campaign out across our UK customer base. We look forward to listening to our customers and shaping our future offering for the better.