Committed to Pipecare™ Excellence

Ramco is committed to delivering exceptional management, inspection and rig ready preparation anywhere in the world.

An established global leader in the care and maintenance of OCTG and drilling tubulars, Ramco offers a unique and complete suite of services to manage and maintain tubular inventories and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Services can be tailored to client requirements and through its bespoke ROMS operating system, Ramco can provide real-time information, full traceability of inventory and leading maintenance services.

Total Tubular Management™

Ramco offers an independent Total Tubular Management™ service, designed to provide the OCTG industry with state-of-the-art pipe care excellence that can flex in line with the customers’ needs. With a commitment to safety and quality, Ramco utilises its existing infrastructure or cutting edge PCU® technology, to deliver Ramco service wherever the client requires.

Blast Cleaning

Utilising in-house blasting technology, Ramco provides automated descaling and preparation of external surfaces, abrasive cleaning to remove millscale and corrosion prior to use or application of coatings.

Rig Ready Preparations

In partnership with a number of operators, Ramco led the way in developing on shore rig ready preparation of OCTG for the North Sea which offers the client cost, time and environmental savings when compared to traditional rig site preparation.

Inventory Management

Ramco provides management of tubulars, tubular maintenance programmes, inventories and logistics. Its team of highly trained professionals use Ramco’s bespoke ROMS electronic stock management system to ensure all tubular goods can be tracked while under Ramco’s care at its high-capacity facilities.

Pipe Inspection

Ramco performs Visual Thread Inspection, Pipe Body Inspection, Electro Magnetic Inspection, Drill Pipe Inspection and other OCTG inspection services on all major connection types and material grades.


Ramco offers a full refurbishment service including removal or all scale, weathering and corrosion, pipe body inspection and verification, connection inspection and repairs if required and re-coating.

Pipe Care Units

Ramco’s Pipe Care Unit (PCU) technology creates value anywhere in the world through location flexibility, reduced rig site rejects and superior quality output, these are a safe and environmentally friendly solution that offers the service delivery associated with Ramco in remote locations, customer stockyards or areas where fixed facilities are not readily available.

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