Ramco manages OCTG refurbishment programmes deliver exceptional customer value.

Ramco is well placed to manage and execute OCTG refurbishment programmes, whether that be unused pipe that has become weathered or used pipe that has been pulled from an existing well.

Combining Inspection and Blast Cleaning services, Ramco has managed several one-stop-shop refurbishment programmes, at many global locations.

These refurbishment programs are designed to take pipe from a poor condition back to an as-new condition and suitable for use or re-use.

The refurbishment of OCTG normally utilises various steps, all or some of which may be required:

  • Initial inspection of pipe bodies and general condition followed by an initial report and recommendation back to the client.
  • Internal and External cleaning or blasting depending on the levels of scales, muds or corrosion to be removed. This includes the cleaning of all connections.
  • Pipe connection and pipe body inspection to identify any flaws, wear, corrosion or other damage that may have occurred.
  • Reporting all findings to client for further instruction.
  • Pipe bodies may undergo NDT inspection such as EMI or UT to ensure remaining wall thickness.
  • Pipe can be sent for connection repairs as required.
  • All pipe passed and fit for use, including after repair is coated, colour coded, and stencilled as per client requirements and returned to inventory.
Blast Cleaning before
Blast cleaning after


By utilising Ramco’s refurbishment services, operators will ensure that they have the best quality and safest tubular equipment, resulting in better operations, cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

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